Continuous Assessments

Continuous assessment of the environment with annual pentesting.

Asset Discovery.
Vulnerability Identification.
Remediation Tracking.

Fully-Managed Vulnerability Identification and Remediation Validation

Provides a continuous analysis of computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures giving organizations the knowledge to identify and react to vulnerabilities in the environment. Assessment may include internal, external, and cloud systems to identify host and network-based security issues.

Assessment validates effective removal of vulnerabilities. Helps an organization to better understand its assets, prioritize security risk, and reduce the likelihood of a breach. Annual penetration testing ensures effectiveness of controls. Audit-ready executive, technical, and differential reports support information security, compliance, and risk management programs. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment, along with a management program, can help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture.

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continuous vulnerability assessment

Continuous Detection of Weaknesses

Identify, classify, and address vulnerabilities across internal, external, and cloud systems to identify host and network-based security issues. Helps security teams prioritize, test, and rollout critical fixes faster. And, validate these controls are effective in controlling the threats.

Proactive Approach to Closing Gaps

Identify and prepare the most likely attack paths adversaries may take against you. Continuous data streams allow deployment of proactive security measures to remediate any known vulnerabilities.

breach prevention
assess environment

At-a-Glance Visibility of Remediation Progress

The dashboard displays up-to-date information so you can instantly track your progress. Both real-time and historical data allows you to track new, remediated, and persistent threats within the environment. Annual penetration testing builds upon the vulnerability assessment to validate the maturity of a vulnerability management program.

Real-Time Data on Connected Assets

An inventory of accessible assets on the network (and their associated risks) is generated. Helps identify misconfigurations, unintended exposures, and fluctuations in the environment.

audit ready reporting
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Improved Decision Making

Real-time information means you can make swift decisions and take action to reduce risk. Dashboard reports are instantaneous enabling the free flow of information between key players.

Aids Compliance Efforts

Assessments identify and prioritize vulnerabilities which satisfies compliance requirements for ensuring organizations have implemented technical and organizational security measures to protect data.

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