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End-to-End Vulnerability Management Solutions

Patch and vulnerability management is a security practice designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within an organization’s internal, external, and cloud environments. They are components of a vulnerability management program which gives organizations a framework for managing risk across the enterprise network. 

A well-run vulnerability management program is the foundation that supports an organization’s corporate security, risk, and compliance programs. It provides a roadmap for security teams to know what is expected of them and how they will use the resources they have. Establishing a new plan involves defining the objectives, identifying stakeholders, defining regulatory and other legal requirements, defining stakeholder and management involvement, and developing tools to discover, track, and determine the disposition of vulnerabilities in the environment.

Steps to Build a Vulnerability Management Program

How VULNERA Helps You

assess environment

Discovery of Vulnerabilities

Continuously identify and understand assets in your environment along with any vulnerabilities they may introduce.

prioritize remediation efforts

Prioritization & Reporting

Identify and classify the risks posed along with a prioritized list of those with most risk to the organization.

letter of attestation

Validation of Remediation

Ensure the controls taken to remediate vulnerabilities were effective in reducing risk to the environment. 

vulnerability analyst expert

Establishes Improvement KPIs

Auditors, customers, and other parties regularly seek independent verification that remediation was successful. 

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