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Disaster Recovery: Bouncing Back from a Breach

It is no surprise that many organizations saw an increase in cybersecurity threats in the past year. The shift to cloud-based tools and software has left many with newfound vulnerabilities and an increased attack surface. That’s why adopting a proactive approach to security validation is essential. 

Find gaps and vulnerabilities in your current processes with continuous security assessments – including cloud environments. It allows companies to identify the state of current security measures in order to understand the risk baseline. Then security teams can work step by step to identify key areas of improvement and to effectively prioritize efforts to increase the security posture and reduce the attack surface.

Correct Vulnerabilities to Prevent Future Breaches

How VULNERA Helps You

cyber threat

Fully Understand Your Risk Profile

Prevent and reduce costly security incidents. Avoid issues by understanding attack vectors. 

Auditing and Monitoring

Ensure end users are complying with policies and procedures so they don’t introduce more risk.

continuous coverage

Shift Remediation to Prevention

Ensure network security is maintained at the highest level to prevent future incidents. 

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Identify New Entry Points

Understand what assets are connecting to your network as well as any risks they may pose. 

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