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Ensure Critical Assets are Protected First

While vulnerability management isn’t a novel concept, today’s modern businesses require a continuous approach to increase visibility over vulnerabilities and to enable rapid remediation. But not all vulnerabilities are created equal. 

While the goal of the security team is to fix all vulnerabilities found, that is a nearly impossible goal. Focusing on issues that pose the largest risk is the key to the success of a vulnerability management program. VULNERA helps security teams understand the connection between a vulnerability, the assets it affects, and the remediation strategies for prioritizing and fixing it across the organization. 

Organizations must be focused on where they are exposed, how remediation strategies should be prioritized based on risk, and how to reduce exposure over time. Effective prioritization requires complete visibility over the attack surface. It is important to understand how a vulnerability can be exploited so security teams can prioritize those assets where patches are needed immediately.

Steps to Prioritize Cybersecurity Threats

How VULNERA Helps You

analyze the environment

Continuous Detection of Threats

Detect old operating systems, unpatched vulnerabilities, and insecure protocols on connected assets. 

security controls

Validate Security Controls

Re-testing verifies the application of patches and remediation efforts and if any new vulnerabilities have been discovered. 

prioritize remediation efforts

Prioritize Critical Vulnerabilities

Respond to assessment findings by making decisions based on which vulnerabilities pose the most risk and impact.

cyber threat

Stay Ahead of Attackers

Stay ahead of constantly changing threats and attackers with continuous assessment of environments. 

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