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Cloud Computing Threats & Risk

Cloud computing is continually transforming the way organizations store, use, and share data, workloads, and software. And, cloud environments experience the same threats as traditional data center environments – cloud computing runs software, software has vulnerabilities, and adversaries try to exploit these vulnerabilities. 

Cloud computing has enabled organizations to grow and scale without having to make large capital investments. But the public nature of the cloud also places you at risk from a variety of cyberattacks. Organizations can still enjoy the benefits, while minimizing the dangers by understanding the threats and taking proper preventative measures.

Common Cloud Security Issues

How VULNERA Helps You

cloud assets

Build an Inventory of Cloud Assets

Gain continuous visibility into cloud assets, changes in the environment, and asset exposure.  

misconfiguration of cloud settings

Identify Cloud Misconfigurations

Continuously assess cloud environments for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.

contextualized data

Contextual Prioritization

Respond to findings by making decisions based on which vulnerabilities post the most risk and impact.

gain visibility into vulnerabilities in the network

Network Anomaly Detection

Monitor network behavior and detect unusual server port or protocol activity, including open ports

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