Alert Fatigue

Transform noisy alerts into relevant and actionable intelligence for security teams.

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Escape Alert Fatigue

Most organizations are inundated by tens of thousands of security alerts a day causing frustration, overwhelm, and desensitization as to what is perceived as unmanageable. Traditional approaches to managing security alerts often drives teams into reactive mode rather than spending the time proactively managing risk. 

Legacy vulnerability management tools flooded security teams with long lists of vulnerabilities. Without a system for prioritizing those that are critical, the amount of patching is overwhelming. It becomes impossible to truly mitigate risk and improve resiliency. 

VULNERA helps organizations get ahead of alerts by zeroing in on the vulnerabilities that matter most – including data on the true root-cause of the problem. We provide context around exploitability, possible risk, and impact to the organization. And in addition, re-testing helps validate and compare against the baseline to ensure complete protection.

Factors Leading to Alert Fatigue

How VULNERA Helps You

fully managed solution

Fully Managed

By combining expertise, technology, and intelligence into a turnkey service the organization can focus on the most important aspect: remediation.

contextualized data

Contextualized Data

Transforms data into relevant and actionable intelligence to help teams identify and respond to critical issues in real time, and reduce risk over time. 

knowledge transfer

Knowledge Transfer

We believe we are better at responding to alerts when we have spent time educating our customers/partners in the ecosphere of the risk. 

reduce noise from security alerts

Reduces the Noise

Focus on the most risk-bearing vulnerabilities based on exploitability, possible risk and impact to business operations. Helps teams work smarter, not harder.

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